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Welcome to Jeff's Warriors

Julie Buraczewski

Jeff was 29, planning his wedding, and in the process of buying his first house when he started feeling sick. His doctor initially believed he had pneumonia. Unfortunately, few weeks later in August, 2015 his symptoms continued to worsen and the symptoms of a blood clot started showing. Jeff was sent to the ER for further testing. The fluid around his left lung was drained and sent for testing. The results came as a shock to everyone; stage IV lung cancer. He had never smoked nor lived with anyone who smoked. We learned that what we always believed to only effective smokers is actually very common in non-smokers.

We armed ourselves with as much knowledge as possible and set out to battle the beast. It wasn't easy on anyone and we worked hard every day to keep a positive attitude. Jeff fought for four long months, losing his battle on December 3rd, 2015.

I, as well as many others, miss him everyday.

I will never forget all of those who helped us throughout his battle. So many friends and family members pitched in to lend their support and their efforts were greatly appreciated. The Bonnie J . Addario foundation also provided us with a lot of support and knowledge through the last week of Jeff's battle.

In Jeff's memory we are racing to help raise money to this amazing foundation. Their goal is to make this a manageable disease, with the end goal for a cure. If we form together we can help make a difference and strive to prevent this heartbreak for anyone else.

This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get!



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